Such an honor to travel out to Portland, Oregon to photograph these two love birds as they await the arrival of their sweet girl! Andria&Rob-6295 Andria&Rob-6299 Andria&Rob-6305 Andria&Rob-6315 Andria&Rob-6329 Andria&Rob-6343 Andria&Rob-6353 Andria&Rob-6369 Andria&Rob-6423 Andria&Rob-6452 Andria&Rob-6455 Andria&Rob-6471 Andria&Rob-6538 Andria&Rob-6600 Andria&Rob-6624 Andria&Rob-6647 Andria&Rob-6701 Andria&Rob-6766 Andria&Rob-6777 Andria&Rob-6810 Andria&Rob-6850 Andria&Rob-6900 Andria&Rob-6902 Andria&Rob-6915 Andria&Rob-6934 Andria&Rob-6952 Andria&Rob-6956 Andria&Rob-6988 Andria&Rob-7024 Andria&Rob-7062 Andria&Rob-7081 Andria&Rob-7118 Andria&Rob-7169 Andria&Rob-7174 Andria&Rob-7183 Andria&Rob-7212 Andria&Rob-7217 Andria&Rob-7255 Andria&Rob-7262 Andria&Rob-7300 Andria&Rob-7310 Andria&Rob-7322


      Oh Andria I absolutily loved all the photos <3 You are so beautiful and I Rob is very handsome 😉 You both are gonna be great parents! With love all things are possible, and with you 2 the sky is the limits.