Photo of sweet newborn Ezra wrapped up in this bright blanket! Photo of newborn Ezra's little hands. Tiny little newborn feet all cuddled up. Such an adorable photo of new born Ezra sleeping. Audrey cuddles with her sweet new born Ezra in the kitchen How precious are those first few weeks of a babies life? So worth photographing East Lake family in their new house with their new baby boy Awesome photo of an awesome family in Chattanooga TN Its important to get photos of your family even the silly moments Photo of energetic two year old on the porch. new born photos family photos in chattanooga kid photos in chattanooga Menard-66 Menard-69 Menard-72 Menard-77 Menard-80 Menard-85 Menard-88 Menard-97

      Robin Elizabeth Brown

      Beautiful pics! Sweet family!!

      Ann Marie Rocheleau

      Awesome family

      Lisa Nelson Shields

      I love these pics! They are beautiful! What a darling little family!