THIS WAS SO FUN!!!! Can I become a professional proposal photographer? Is that a thing? A big thanks to Victoria Love Events for orchestrating the whole thing. Congrats again Libby and Tripp! Thanks for having me along. Libby&Tripp-1 Libby&Tripp-2 Libby&Tripp-5 Libby&Tripp-6 Libby&Tripp-8 Libby&Tripp-9 Libby&Tripp-12 Libby&Tripp-18 Libby&Tripp-19 Libby&Tripp-27 Libby&Tripp-29 Libby&Tripp-32 Libby&Tripp-39 Libby&Tripp-40 Libby&Tripp-46 Libby&Tripp-48


      I came to your site based on a thread on the neighhbors list and because I work for a web design firm. Thought to check on your work, clicked on this, brought a tear to my eye.

      Lovely work.

      Love this, Libby n Tripp!!

      Elizabeth, so very happy for you, I always knew your “Prince Charming” would show up and you would live happily ever after! Blessings!

      Kathy Thomas Stroup


      Paulette Schievelhud

      Loved this! Beautiful! Congrats!

      Perfection!!! Congrats

      Sarah Stroup Provonsha



      Beautiful! Congrats!