Chattanooga SURPRISE Proposal – Tripp & Libby

THIS WAS SO FUN!!!! Can I become a professional proposal photographer? Is that a thing? A big thanks to Victoria Love Events for orchestrating the whole thing. Congrats again Libby and Tripp! Thanks for having me along. Libby&Tripp-1 Libby&Tripp-2 Libby&Tripp-5 Libby&Tripp-6 Libby&Tripp-8 Libby&Tripp-9 Libby&Tripp-12 Libby&Tripp-18 Libby&Tripp-19 Libby&Tripp-27 Libby&Tripp-29 Libby&Tripp-32 Libby&Tripp-39 Libby&Tripp-40 Libby&Tripp-46 Libby&Tripp-48

Sam Gibson - March 9, 2015 - 8:44 pm

I came to your site based on a thread on the neighhbors list and because I work for a web design firm. Thought to check on your work, clicked on this, brought a tear to my eye.

Lovely work.

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