My dear friend Katelynd moved to Chicago back in August and I have been missing her terribly! She came in town a few weekends ago when I had 4 weddings in 4 days. I hardly got to see her so I decided to make an impulse trip to Chicago for Halloween! These are a few shots from my time in the Windy City.

      IMG_7355 IMG_7467 IMG_7478 IMG_7488 IMG_7482 IMG_7519 IMG_7526 IMG_7543 IMG_7578 IMG_7567 IMG_7563 IMG_7590
      IMG_7650IMG_7466 IMG_7656 IMG_7670 IMG_7422 IMG_7743 IMG_7739


      As usual you have out done yourself !!!!Fantastic …..Need to know about the horse ??

      did you go to the spot where sandra bullock saved peter gallagher? I want to go to the spot where sandra bullock saves peter gallagher.