I couldn’t be happier with this shoot! We had originally scheduled for early October when I was in Louisville, Kentucky. However  7 inches of rain and some flash flooded changed our plans! I was so happy Shane and Dana made the trip to Chattanooga and even happier the weather was so amazing! I can’t wait to shoot their wedding next June!  IMG_8767 IMG_8813 IMG_8822 IMG_8841 IMG_8854 IMG_8862 IMG_8876 IMG_8888 IMG_8893 IMG_8911 IMG_8928 IMG_8940 IMG_8964 IMG_8976 IMG_8983 IMG_9001 IMG_9016 IMG_9018 IMG_9024 IMG_9039 IMG_9057 IMG_9060 IMG_9063 IMG_9085 IMG_9109 IMG_9115 IMG_9135 IMG_9158 IMG_9159 IMG_9182 IMG_9194 IMG_9226 IMG_9249 IMG_9283 IMG_9289 IMG_9297 IMG_9308 IMG_9317 IMG_9320 IMG_9338 IMG_9349 IMG_9365 IMG_9379 IMG_9383 IMG_9395 IMG_9397 IMG_9419 IMG_9456 IMG_9471 IMG_9489 IMG_9495 IMG_9496 IMG_9511


      I like Dana and Shane’s engagement photos. Good Job!