Hannah is living next door for a few months before she moves to Barcelona, Spain and it has been such a treasure to become her friend. I loved the light in her room and asked if I could photograph her. Enjoy. 3K0A5987 3K0A6038 3K0A6052 3K0A6058 3K0A6060 3K0A6064 3K0A6076 3K0A6101 3K0A6117 3K0A6128 3K0A6152 3K0A6211 3K0A6223 3K0A6232 3K0A6240 3K0A6257 3K0A6261 3K0A6355 3K0A6366 3K0A6381 3K0A6402 3K0A6441


      Beautiful imagery! Loved the perspective over the piano 🙂