The delicate way in which your hands touch, the easy feeling you get when you are surrounded by your people… it’s all so worth remembering.

      Each moment captured is an image to be treasured and looked back on like a time capsule of emotion. As your Chattanooga wedding photographer, I will always say YES to epic landscapes and wild adventures, but also YES to the quieter, hidden things: knowing glimpses you make at each other, to the gentle way he gathers up the hemline of your dress and the way it all plays out, messy and beautiful.

      This job has taken me to wild and far-flung corners of the earth, but also to intimate and sacred spaces in people’s homes and relationships. I have had the honor of meeting all of the wise grandmothers, the sweetest most snuggly pups, and crazy uncles who make families what they are. I love being in the mix of a wedding day. I love the mess, I love all of the nerves, the tears, and the sappy toasts.  I feel honored to be in the middle of something so important, and I work hard to capture it all as your Chattanooga wedding photographer.

      My first camera was given to me by my uncle when I was 7. From that moment on I was totally consumed by it.  I regularly asked for film for holidays and saved all of my money to have doubles printed so I could share what I had made. In sixth grade, I made a poster and gave a presentation about how I wanted to be a photographer when I grew up. I lost points on my presentation because I kept saying, “photo” “grapher”. Well, look at me now Mrs. Morrison!  

      I studied film photography in college and shot my first wedding the weekend after my college graduation. I got talked into shooting that first wedding and I felt pretty confident it would be a one and done kind of thing. After shooting for 14 long hours that day I was totally hooked. I loved every second of photographing that wedding. That was 8 years ago. After that, I poured myself into building my business as a Chattanooga wedding photographer. The rest is history!

      This Chattanooga wedding photographer is a killer 3rd wheel!

      I love classic country music.

      I sing a lot and I am not good.

      I love to dance. Again not good but I am not worried about it.

      I am addicted to sparkling water.

      It takes a lot to gross me out.

      I am the worst when it comes to pop culture.

      I spend most of my spare time looking for cheap flights.

      I love jumping in cold water.

      I live for impromptu plans.


      And I make a killer third wheel.

      A Chattanooga wedding photographer in a black hat smiles.

      We may not be a good match if your ceremony will be including the phrases “ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN”  or  “WIVES SUBMIT TO YOUR HUSBANDS”.


      Here at Our Ampersand Photography, we believe LOVE IS LOVE and that all humans deserve the same love, respect, and basic human rights. While we fully support your right to religious freedom, we can not endorse language based in discrimination or oppression.

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