Nicholas-Debbie Pileggi

      These are Awesome! You make pictures alive and special. I am truly speechless. You have a gift of vision.So glad you photographed Rachel and Ben’s Wedding. Nicholas PIleggi.

      LaVillis Adams Gaddis

      Beautiful pictures! We are so happy for you all!!

      Sara Pierce Jones

      Lovely photos

      Beautiful wedding! So happy for all of you!

      Congratulations! Wonderful pictures. Looks like your wedding was perfectly planned and executed. May God bless your marriage and your home, as well as your lives together.

      Beautiful pictures!!! What a blessed day it was and now a bright future ahead! Can’t wait to see more pics! Jaime did a GREAT job photographing the wedding and so much fun to be around!


      Jerre Lynn Eason Gilstrap

      Beautiful people; beautiful wedding & reception. Expert photography!

      Amazing!!! God is good. A bright future ahead for Rachel and Ben!

      Mignonne Jackson Coppenger

      Beautiful-wish we could have been there.

      Michelle Mitchell Taylor

      Congratulations to you both! The pictures are beautiful! I love the highlight the favorite bible verse idea!!

      Alice Lewis Loggins

      Beautiful! Great Pictures.

      Nancy Langley DeBord


      These pictures are amazing!!! Beautiful couple, Beautiful Wedding, talented photographer!