I just LOVE the snow! It has been so fun to have some snow here in Chattanooga this year. Living three blocks from the Georgia state line doesn’t lend its self to the fun of flurries. There is something so wonderful about getting out sledding, taking walks in the snow and then hunkering down, turning on the heat mattress pad, making hot cocoa and piling on the layers to stay warm with friends.

      Yesterday Emily and I ventured out in the slush to take some photos. I couldn’t be happier with the results! To find out details of her outfit check out SheWoreItAnyways.com

      And you can take a look at Emily’s blog here.

      emilysnow-5982 emilysnow-5998 emilysnow-5991 emilysnow-6008 emilysnow-5996

      emilysnow-6013 emilysnow-6020-2 emilysnow-6025 emilysnow-6029 emilysnow-6054 emilysnow-6055 emilysnow-6073 emilysnow-6080 emilysnow-6089 emilysnow-6094 emilysnow-6163emilysnow-6159 emilysnow-6100 emilysnow-6107 emilysnow-6127 emilysnow-6134 emilysnow-6137 emilysnow-6201 emilysnow-6197


      Yeaaah, floral crown! Lovely photos!