LLAMAS you say??? Yes please! I had heard of this wedding venue slash llama farm on Signal Mountain… but it surpassed my wildest imagination! Sure they llamas were amazing, the emu named Emily was sweet as pie, the drive out there was amazing, the venue its self stunning, and they had a secret garden complete with koi pond! To makes things better they had amazing bridal suite and the owners had to be some of the nicest people I have ever met! Jaimi and Corey decided to celebrate with just the very closest of their friends and family. Corey’s parents live right down the road so we got to go over to their house and check out the amazing view. That was my first time looking over the west side of Signal Mountain out over the Sequatchie Valley and man was it beautiful!

      Congrats again Jaimi & Corey!

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      You captured the perfect wedding day:)