OH man was Saturday perfect! The sun was out, the temperature was perfect and these two were so in love! Josh and Jordan were together 8 years before finally tying the knot! Such a sweet and sincere ceremony. Followed by a party to rival the best! They even did there first look where Josh proposed next to the Hunter Art Museum.

      The day ran smoothly thank to Victoria Love Events & Staffing!

      Check out these two love birds!

      IMG_2246 IMG_2276 IMG_2308 IMG_2424 IMG_2451 IMG_2454 IMG_2460 IMG_2464 IMG_2467 IMG_2499 IMG_2541 IMG_2595 IMG_2614 IMG_2631 IMG_2637 IMG_2644 IMG_2653 IMG_2659 IMG_2675 IMG_2691 IMG_2699 IMG_2715 IMG_2718 IMG_2726 IMG_2741 IMG_2748 IMG_2752 IMG_2754 IMG_2759 IMG_2765 IMG_2781 IMG_2808 IMG_2833 IMG_2856 IMG_2885 IMG_2889 IMG_2894 IMG_2898 IMG_2901 IMG_2914 IMG_2929 IMG_2957 IMG_3025 IMG_3034 IMG_3039 IMG_3068 IMG_3228 IMG_3263 IMG_3267 IMG_3278 IMG_3283 IMG_3336 IMG_3363 IMG_3443 IMG_3449 IMG_3575 IMG_3729 IMG_3732 IMG_3749 IMG_3815


      Beautiful pictures. Congrats Josh!

      Nelda Young Pettyjohn

      These pictures are so good . She is a beautiful girl. It just looked perfect.


      Such a beautiful wedding – inside and out!! She’s gorgeous

      How beautiful!