Kelly & Marcos celebrated with a backyard wedding and reception at Kelly’s parents home. They lined up hay bales as seating for the ceremony right out back and convert the side yard into the perfect party spot. Complete with bar, dance floor, beautiful dining area, and bon fire! They served a family style dinner under magical twinkly tents and even set time aside to have photos taken in the log cabin they are having built!

      Congrats again Kelly and Marcos!

      Flowers by Humphrey’s
      Event Planning by Homespun Parties + Events
      Catering by Events with Taste

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      These are amazing!!!

      Awesome photos!

      Ashlee Katherine Osteen

      Amazing photos!

      Events with Taste Catering


      great photos, great happy event….. I think I’m going to cry all over again!…

      Homespun Parties + Events

      Jaime your pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!! Great job, great couple, great day!!