Can you say, “Oh HELL YEAH!” Haha! It was such a treat to go to the Kinfolk Infusions Workshop this past weekend. Once I arrived I realized I knew over half of the guests and made quick friends with others. We stated off by infusing oil, salt, tea and then whiskey! It was really fun to smell all of the different herbs and make up different combinations. After we played around for a while we got to try some whiskey they had previously infused. I wish I had taken better notes because I can’t remember what it was infused with! They mixed the whiskey in with some apple cider and it was delicious. Then dinner was served. They got straight to my heart with beat salad and apple/celery soup.

      It is always nice to sit around a table and enjoy good company. Saturday was no exception.

      I plan to infuse bourbon with cinnamon to make “fireball” for my holiday gifts! I will let you know how it turns out!


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