I had a ball doing a full circle around Chattanooga with these two tonight! We started off on Baylor’s beautiful campus and then made our way to the Chestnut Street bridge downtown. Finally we ended up on Lauren & Garrett’s friends farm! Such a magical place with peacocks and horses. Congrats again Lauren and Garrett! I can’t wait to shoot your wedding next year!  IMG_6612 IMG_6621 IMG_6636 IMG_6640 IMG_6675 IMG_6684 IMG_6693 IMG_6705 IMG_6716 IMG_6728 IMG_6766 IMG_6796 IMG_6802 IMG_6869 IMG_6878 IMG_6886 IMG_6929 IMG_6937 IMG_6941 IMG_6959 IMG_6966 IMG_6973 IMG_6983 IMG_6993 IMG_7003 IMG_7019 IMG_7028 IMG_7030 IMG_7032 IMG_7049 IMG_7052 IMG_7061 IMG_7067 IMG_7085 IMG_7088 IMG_7112 IMG_7130 IMG_7142 IMG_7149 IMG_7172 IMG_7175 IMG_7188 IMG_7218


      These are awesome:)

      Absolutely beautiful!!

      Congrats to you both. Your pictures are beautiful.