My past clients have said some kind things about what it’s like to work with me.

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      Aubre & Dane

      While looking into wedding photographers, I knew that I didn’t want your traditional wedding pictures. Our wedding was very non traditional so I knew that I needed someone that understood and captured that. Luckily, I found Our Ampersand Photography.

      Jaime is an absolute dream to work with. I really can’t say enough great things about her. From our very first meeting, we were instant friends. She’s extremely professional but also personable so at the end of it all, you feel like you’re working with one of your best friends. She isn’t a photographer that just takes pictures to get paid. She genuinely cares about everyone she photographs and cares about their story and their wedding. You can tell that she just loves love! Her work speaks for itself (incredible!!) and she makes you feel so comfortable while you’re being photographed. I wish I could get married over and over just to have Jaime take our pictures! I can’t thank her enough for doing such an amazing job.


      Rachel & Billy

      I have never met anyone who loves their job as much as Jaime and it certainly shows. Her enthusiasm is infectious and it makes for a fun and rewarding experience. She is so kind and complimentary, in the most sincere way. I’ve never felt so beautiful in my life! Even though she has fun, she keeps it completely professional and is very organized.

      One thing I loved, she let us be ourselves. There wasn’t any, ‘chins up, chins down, slight tilts or -insert any other typical portrait phrase-‘. She made it natural with things like, ‘ok, just walk away from me… just give each other a look…’ or some other silly variations. It wasn’t forced.

      I would recommend Our Ampersand Photography to any bride-to-be, bride, mother-to-be, mother or family. I will certainly be using her for the rest of my life’s milestones that will require her wonderful services.

      Pricing… all I can say is, you get what you pay for and I’d have paid twice that much for how amazing our experience was. Seriously, a happy lady.


      Kelly & Marcos

      Jaime took our wedding pictures last year in October! I could not have asked for a more amazing perfect photographer. She has a great vision for what will look amazing and is adventurous in her ideas. We were so incredibly happy with our photos. She was not only there to take pictures she also has great advice when it comes to planning out the day! Thank you so much Jaime! I recommend you to everyone I can think of from weddings to family pictures. Oh yeah, and she loves to travel so don’t think she won’t come to you!


      Casey & Ryan

      Jaime Smialek is a visoneer. Her aesthetic taste in all things photographic and bespoke are transcended by her robust personality and relentless work ethic. Jaime is able to capture the true spirit of her subjects, weather that be romantic or for the sake of fashion. With a flare for the sentiments of southern tradition and an edge of poised editorial fashion of the big city, Jaime’s work speaks to contemporary trends, while maintaining a traditional approach to image making. The thoughtful consideration for composition, light and storytelling are palpable in her work. As a friend, colleague and client I am constantly surprised by Jaime’s growth as a young artist, entrepreneur and fashion icon in every community she immerses herself in. She shows the vigor and moxie that true business women and contemporary artists seek and often never achieve. To say that I recommend Jaime as a photographer is an understatement. Her work speaks for itself and her personality is even more comparable. She’s worth every penny and a few compliments more.


      Hain & Travis

      Not only is Jaime a true professional and passionate about her work, she is a pretty terrific addition to any event! She is super fun to be around, she helps put everyone at ease and brings the party wherever she goes. I’ve been in front of her camera several times for various reasons (as a model for an ad campaign, as a bridesmaid, an event-goer, etc.) and each time she’s made sure to work quickly and efficiently while always making me feel comfortable and feeling like the best version of myself. The end results have always been amazing! Her work is beautiful, fresh but timeless, and emotionally resonant with the day and event. If you are looking for someone a bit more special than your average photographer, I highly recommend Jaime.