If there’s anything I love more than supporting small businesses here in Chattanooga, it’s documenting those small businesses. Killer brand photography has the power to transform your business’s virtual presence and show your brand in its best light.

      If you’re looking for small business photography in Chattanooga, I’m your gal!



      I love the story of entrepreneurship, and more than that, I love that it’s so different for every small business I work with. When we work together, I focus on the story of your business. I want to capture a day in the life of your team – whether you’re baking bread, cleaning teeth, or shuffling papers. I want to capture the spirit of your team, your space, and your brand.

      With all small business shoots, my goal is to give you as much variety as possible in your images. After our session, you’ll have a brand new batch of photos for your social media, website, advertisements, media spots, you name it!

      If you’ve got a wild idea for your brand photos, just let me know. I’m down for anything!

      Artist Molly Wright hangs a landscape painting on a wall in her studio.



      I love acting like a fly on the wall and capturing a day in the life of your business. I’m confident that any business can have great process photos (yes, even if you work on a computer all day), but it’s especially powerful for hands-on businesses like bakers, makers, and artists.

      Bread and Butter was kind enough to let me creep around their bakery with my camera for a few hours while they went about their day. I got to take in all the delicious smells while documenting the bread-making process from start to finish. I love the way these images turned out: the colors, the textures, the steam! Now, they have tons of photos to use on their refreshed website.

      Outside view of Bread and Butter's Chattanooga storefront. Ham and cheese croissants in a gold serving tray. A baker molds a ball of bread dough on a wooden tabletop. A freshly-baked loaf of bread resting on a checkered towel. A baker dusts balls of dough with flour. A baker lays out triangles of uncooked dough to make ham and cheese croissants. A baker forms long, thin loaves of bread on a wooden surface. Baked goods on a silver baking sheet dusted with powdered sugar. A line of four freshly-baked loaves of bread on a wooden table. A baker weighs uncooked dough on a scale. The owner of Bread and Butter Chattanooga poses outside the storefront.


      With Range Projects, it definitely helped that their process is so visually interesting. Their materials and the sparks created such interesting colors and lines, and I loved getting to capture their diverse team in their zone.

      A team of coworkers poses on a metal stairwell. They all wear matching black t-shirts with the company logo. The logo of Range Projects in Chattanooga painted on a white brick wall. A welder hunches over her work in a large garage. A woman works with a saw in a large garage. Workers weld together large sheets of metal. One is standing on a forklift platform, and the other is laying across the top of the metal structure. A welder leans over their work.



      Your team is the heart and soul of your business. During a small business photo session, I’ll get a good mix of headshots and photos of your team in action.

      When I worked with Southside Dental Arts, I wanted to be sure to capture the warmth and care that all their team members bring to the space. These doctors have actually worked on my teeth before, so I know firsthand how awesome they are. I really think their personalities shine through in these photos.

      Staff of a Chattanooga orthodontist's office pose together outside the office. A man and woman pose together in a brick doorway. A receptionist smiles from behind the front desk at an orthodontist's office. An orthodontist reviews x-rays on a computer in his office. An orthodontist inspects a patient's teeth as she lies in a dental chair. An orthodontist works on a mold of a patient's teeth. Close up image of plaster jaw molds in an orthodontist's office.


      It had been a long time since Farinash & Stofan Law Firm refreshed their website, and all their old headshots were out of date. They brought me in for a few hours to get new shots of the team in their beautiful office. We even walked over to a nearby parking garage to get a shot of the office from the outside.

      Owners of a law firm pose in front of their names on the lobby wall. The owners of a law firm pose on a nearby parking garage, their office behind them. A lawyer smiles as she talks with an associate at a large meeting table. Owner of a law firm leans against the lobby desk and smiles for the camera. Owners of a law firm pose together in front of a wall of bookshelves.


      WorkHound is a logistical team here in Chattanooga, and they’re a great example of a tech-heavy company that still got great team photos. Yes, they work behind screens for a good part of the day, but these images still show off their personalities and workspace.

      A stick of the Work Hound logo on a wooden background. A dog poses in the Work Hound office in Chattanooga. Three coworkers huddle around laptops in a bright office full of exposed brick. A member of the Work Hound team poses in front of a brick wall. A woman works behind a computer beside a large, bright window in the Work Hound office. Three teammates gather around a table in a large, industrial-looking office. A bowl containing Work Hound brand pain reliever packages.



      So many small businesses here in Chattanooga have gorgeous office spaces. I especially like documenting artists’ studios. I think your workspace speaks volumes for your personality and style.

      When Molly Wright reached out for photos, her main goal was spicing up her social media presence. Before, she only posted photos of her art. After our session, she had tons of photos of herself to pepper into her feed and a killer new headshot featuring her work.

      An artist sits cross-legged in her studio, surrounded by her landscape paintings. A close up of Molly Wright's signature on a painted canvas. Artist Molly Wright hangs a landscape painting on a wall in her studio. An artist works on a small painting while she sits at a table near a window. A dozen paints rest against the side of a table in an artist's studio. An artist poses against one of her paintings. She's surrounded by red, yellow, white, and pale blue brush strokes. An artist smiles as she touches up a painting hanging on her studio wall.


      For Kate Roebuck‘s session, we focused heavily on her relationship with her studio space. I made sure to give her a wide variety of shots with plenty of empty space. That way, she can pop in some text and use them for posters, online ads, and website fillers.

      An artist works on a large black and white wall mural. A bright, clean artist studio with a couch against one wall, a work station in the middle, and paintings leaning against the wall. An artist poses in front of one of her yellow and white abstract paintings. An artist works at a tall table in her brightly-lit studio. An artist stands and reaches up to work on a large black and white mural. An artist holds an abstract painting in front of her in the open doorway of her shed-style studio.



      If you sell a physical product, stunning product photography is a must. Marithyme Seafood Company, a wild-caught salmon and seafood delivery service, needed stylish, super detailed shots of their product to show its quality. We set up in the owner Thomas’s parents’ gorgeous kitchen, got tons of close-ups of the marbled meat, and documented the cooking process. Now, those photos live on their website and help them sell their delicious seafood across the country.

      A close up of packaged Alaskan salmon. A slice of salmon on a wooden cutting board. Prawns plated on a wooden serving dish alongside berries, garlic, and lemon wedges. A plated dish of raw salmon, lemon, wasabi, ginger, and soy sauce. A chef slices a piece of salmon on a round white cutting board. A plated trio of white fish, salmon, and prawns. A plate of shrimp pasta served alongside a Moscow Mule in a copper mug. A man holds several packages of wild Alaskan salmon.


      For Bloom CBD, we wanted to showcase the product both on its own and in use. We found this super stylized, funky space, brought in a couple models, and got tons of insanely awesome shots.

      A spray bottle and pot of Bloom CBD in an orange room in front of a mimosa and a lava lamp. A woman smokes a blunt while lying in bed reading a magazine. A woman lounges on the edge of a tub while holding a bath bomb. A Bloom CBD bath bomb box on the edge of a tub. A woman smokes in the background. A woman holds a bath bomb as it melts down her arm into the tub. A woman rubs CBD balm on another woman's shoulder. A woman holds and admires a Bloom CBD box while sitting on the edge of a tub. A woman drinks from a wine glass and takes a drag from her blunt in front of an orange wall and a disco ball. Two women wearing lingerie and and robes open a tub of Bloom CBD balm.


      Kate at Harper Event Company is a wedding planner. While she doesn’t deliver a product, she does design stunning spaces for her weddings. She brought me in for a couple hours before one of her weddings to document all the little details she’d spent so much time on. Plus, I got some shots of her doing what she does best: keeping everybody organized and stress-free on a wedding day.

      A wedding planner smiles and leans against a cocktail table in an empty reception space. Floral and white curtains parted in front of a giant window to create a wedding arch. An empty wedding reception venue decorated with simple white tablecloths and a floral installation hanging from the ceiling. A wedding planner talks to the band before the wedding reception. An empty wedding reception venue. The ceiling is made of clear glass windows. A wedding planner smiles for a photo in an empty reception space. A wedding planner pins a boutonniere on the father of the bride.



      Look no further! I’d love to come sneak around your studio, watch you work, and document your every move (in a totally non-weird way, I promise). Head over to my contact page, shoot me a message, and let’s make some images as rad as the rest of your business.


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