This has to my favorite day of the year in St. Elmo. I absolutely love living here. I have no family in Chattanooga anymore, no real anchors but its this community and group of friends that give my life so much value. National Night Out in St. Elmo is always a joy to be apart of. The vendors, the crafty people in our community, the children running a muck, getting out of the house and visiting with everyone, but the main event is always the Corgi Parade!

      Please feel free to take any of these images you want! If you want a higher quality to print just email me.

      Milton loves St. Elmo too!

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      Alison Bean Van Winkle

      what gorgeous pics that really capture the vibe and beauty of our n’hood! thanks for sharing! it was a wonderful night out together!

      fantastic! Fun Night.

      Elaine Moore Essary

      Enjoyed all the pictures! Nice night in St. Elmo!

      Chelsey Lyn Breedy

      Love them! Great night!

      These are terrific! Thank you for sharing!

      Wonderful! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

      These are great! Jaime is the best photographer ever!