I have been extremely busy this year. I love my job and I wish I was even busier! After getting back from Colorado near exhausted and having 3 shoots last week I decided to really try and take today for myself. I slept in (that’s right!) and then went to the Mojo burrito here in St. Elmo. They have a great little back patio that is shady and private with a fountain. I finally started reading some Stienbeck and ate the longest lunch ever. Then I headed out on a bike ride, no real direction just headed south and I rode for a little over an hour and half down into Georgia.

      Recently I have decided to make an effort to document more of my everyday life. I take a ton of photos a day with my iPhone but I want start telling more of my own story on my blog. Since the weather was perfect, the air felt almost, slightly, kind of, on the verge of crisp I brought my camera along.  Here are a few shots from my ride today.