Yes, twelve location! It may seem like overkill, but hear me out.

      Every couple’s engagement photos are different, even if they’re taken in a popular spot (looking at you, Walking Bridge!). And there’s no right or wrong way to go about your engagement session! I’ve shot couples in formalwear on mountaintops and buck naked in a river. At the end of the day, the images turn out beautiful and you get to make memories with your person.



      You can take engagement photos damn near anywhere (which doesn’t really help with narrowing down your options). Luckily, I’ve shot enough engagement sessions that I know how to make magic in any location.

      When choosing where to take engagement photos, take into account what makes you and your partner unique. Are you beer snobs? Art lovers? Avid hikers? Whatever your love story looks like, you should take the opportunity to capture it in your engagement photos. On your wedding day, you’ll be all dolled up and full of butterflies. Your engagement session is a chance to less loose and just be you.

      If you want to make your engagement session even more fun, treat it like a date! For many couples, their engagement photos are their first run-in with a professional photographer. To make the experience less spooky, grab a drink beforehand, jam out in the car on the way there, and treat yourselves to a nice dinner out afterwards. You deserve to enjoy your experience, not dread it. (And if you’re feeling nervous, no worries! I’m something of a pro at shooting for camera-shy couples.)

      Consider this list of engagement photo spots a jumping-off point. It’s only here for inspiration! If one of these locations speaks to you, great. If not, let me scout the perfect spot for you.



      1. SUNSET ROCK

      For breathtaking views and unforgettable light, you can’t go wrong with Sunset Rock. This is one of my ‘easy win’ locations for couples who want mountain vibes for their engagement photos. From this spot on Lookout Mountain, you can watch the river wind through green hills and past the city.

      Sunset Rock is especially beautiful at – you guessed it – sunset. It’s also very popular at sunset, but don’t worry! We can get great images here at just about any time of day. Plus, there are several other spots on Lookout Mountain that we can hit on the way there or back.

      Fair warning, though: This location isn’t the most accessible. There’s a 0.1 mile walk down stone stairs from the parking lot to Sunset Rock, so if stairs give you trouble, let’s find a different spot. Also, the parking lot is tiny (I sometimes have to wait for parking), so I recommend carpooling with your partner instead of meeting on-location.


      If you want woodsy vibes and are willing to hike for them, I highly recommend Middle Creek. The trail to this engagement photo location is only about a quarter of a mile long, and it’s relatively flat until you reach the creek itself. Then, we’ll have to scramble on some rocks, but it’s worth it!

      And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, we can hike even further! Past this part of Middle Creek, there’s a gorgeous waterfall and some real hidden gems of photo ops. Wear your hiking boots, pack your formalwear in a backpack, and let’s do it. I’m always down for the trek if you are!


      My favorite way to make our little town feel like a big city is to shoot from a rooftop downtown. The skyline looks incredible from high up, and each rooftop offers a slightly different look. I have several go-to parking garages for these rooftops, so I can pick the one with the views you’re looking for.

      This is a great ‘bonus’ engagement photo location for couples who want to shoot downtown. At the end of your session, we’ll just hop in the car and drive to the top of one of a parking garage to snap a few sunset photos above the city. The buildings downtown create this super dynamic, modern backdrop that’s perfect for both dressed-up and casual shoots.


      I know what you’re thinking: But Jaime, everybody does engagement photos on the Walking Bridge.

      You want to know why? Because it’s fucking fire!

      The Walking Bridge is a classic Chattanooga engagement photo location for a reason. Not only is the bridge itself beautiful, but it’s also right next to The Hunter Art Museum and surrounded by other gorgeous photo locations. I’ve shot engagement photos there in all kinds of weather and in all four seasons. They always turn out amazing.

      If you want a huge variety in your engagement photos, I’m a huge fan of The Walking Bridge. I can get you a ton of different vibes featuring several city landmarks – all within a five minute walk of one another.


      Downtown Chattanooga is a goldmine of huge, colorful murals. If I’m shooting with a couple downtown, I always recommend we swing by their favorite mural for a few bonus shots. These images always turn out super fun, super dynamic, and totally one-of-a-kind.

      I have a lot of opinions about our local murals, so even if you don’t have a favorite, I’m more than happy to point you in the direction of one of mine.

      6. THE RIVER

      Did you know that 10 million gallons of water flow past Chattanooga every single day?

      The river is our city’s lifeline, and I love showcasing it in engagement photos. And there are a hundred different ways to do it! Some couples just want to wander the riverbanks and surrounding meadows, which make for some beautiful images in springtime.

      My favorite, though, is when my couples aren’t afraid to jump in! In summertime, the water’s warm, the sun’s hot, and the light on the river is just too pretty to pass up. What better way to end your engagement session than jumping off a dock hand-in-hand with your honey?

      Want to turn up the heat a little bit more? Go skinny dipping! When this couple asked to go skinny dipping for their engagement session, I couldn’t resist. The light played off the river and their skin so beautifully, and the resulting images were gorgeous and steamy.

      If you’re down to skinny dip, don’t hesitate to mention it. I’m not shy!

      If you’re not the skinny dipping type, that’s fine, too! One of my couples wanted to take engagement photos on their boat, so we popped some champagne and enjoyed a day on the water. However you’d prefer to spend your day on the river is exactly how we’ll capture it.


      The Sculpture Fields at Montague Park is by far my favorite park for engagement photos in Chattanooga. As if the rolling fields of grass and view of Lookout Mountain weren’t enough, there are over 40 massive sculptures to visit. Whether or not you’re an art buff, these sculptures make for stunning backdrop.

      Like the other downtown locations, The Sculpture Fields are close enough to Main Street that we can have a take-out picnic, pop into your favorite bar for a drink, or just wander downtown for your engagement session. Plus, it’s dog-friendly, so you can (and should!) bring your pet along.

      Keep in mind that this park closes right at sunset, so we’ll have to be quick to snap those last-minute shots as the sun dips below Lookout Mountain. It’s totally worth it, though!


      I invite all my couples to grab a drink at the beginning of their engagement session. I get a chance to meet you properly, we get to chat for a while, and you get to loosen up with a drink. What’s not to love?

      And since we’re already there, why not take a few photos? I love meeting a couple in their favorite bar and getting some candid shots in a booth or on the patio.

      Whether it’s just your usual haunt or the location of your first date, your favorite bar probably holds a lot of sentimental value. All your late night chats, after-work drinks, and just-because dates make the place special. By including it in your engagement photos, we get to capture the two of you as you really are in a place that feels like home. No matter where life takes you, you’ll always have those memories to look back on.


      If you don’t know, the Riverwalk is a 16-mile paved trail that runs along the banks of the Tennessee River and through the heart of Chattanooga. There are dozens of great engagement photo locations on the Riverwalk, but my favorite by far is the foundry.

      Located near the end of the trail, the foundry is a treasure trove of rugged textures and dynamic shapes. You get the heavy metal, the rust, and the overgrown foliage all in one location. I especially love it when couples wear formal attire to the foundry. The juxtaposition of a cocktail dress against the aging metal is to die for.

      This is another easily accessible location, as are most stops along the Riverwalk. If you’re concerned about parking or walking long distances, let’s find a spot along the Riverwalk that works for you.


      Under the Market Street bridge is as close to Venice as you can get here in Chattanooga. With its white stucco arches and the city’s reflection on the river, this is a great spot for more refined, upscale engagement photos.

      Fun fact: We can also shoot here in the rain! This may be the only weatherproof engagement photo location in Chattanooga with views of the aquarium, the Walking Bridge, and Lookout Mountain. It’s my go-to for couples who don’t have a ton of date flexibility and can’t risk getting rained out.


      If you’re up for a drive, the Ocoee River offers plenty of beautiful engagement photo spots just an hour outside Chattanooga. For my adventurous couples, the Ocoee has it all: lush woods, rugged hikes, dazzling waterfalls, and breathtaking vistas. I have a few favorite locations, but you really can’t go wrong anywhere in this area.

      The Ocoee is especially beautiful in fall and early winter when the leaves start to turn and the hills really get to show off their colors. Benton Falls, about 20 minutes beyond the Ocoee, makes for a wonderfully secluded, Fern Gully-esque forest backdrop. The hike there is three miles round-trip, so bring hiking boots and a bottle of water!

      Sugarloaf Mountain Overlook, an hour outside Chattanooga, is another favorite of mine. With the sweeping view of the river and lake below, we can make it look like you’re a hundred miles from civilization.

      12. AT YOUR HOUSE!

      My absolute favorite engagement photo spot is one you’re already familiar with!

      Your home doesn’t need to be Good Housekeeping material to serve as a great engagement photo location. I mean it when I say I can take great photos anywhere! Whether you spend a lazy day snuggled up in bed, make pancakes together in the morning light, or cozy up on the couch with your pets, taking engagement photos at home is incredibly intimate and special. You’ll be super comfortable in front of the camera (home court advantage!), and you’ll get to capture real life together. There’s nothing better.

      Looking for the perfect engagement photo location near Chattanooga or beyond?

      Let’s chat! Your engagement photos are all about capturing you and your partner at a unique time in your life – no longer dating, not yet married – and it’s my priority to make sure you both feel great on the day of. The perfect place to take your engagement photos is where you feel most like yourselves.

      Head over to my contact page, and let’s grab a drink together!

      For more engagement photo inspiration, check out my blog.