Every session is a great time, but Hannah and Julien’s engagement photos in the Sculpture Fields was so much fun. These two are super chill, very in love, and down for anything. I’m so glad I got to share this gorgeous winter day with them!

      Enjoy Hannah and Julien’s engagement session in Southside Chattanooga!



      When Hannah and Julien reached out to me over Christmas, they’d just gotten engaged. Like, that week. They wanted to do their engagement photos in Southside Chattanooga right away, and I was luckily able to squeeze them into my schedule just a few days later! We’d been getting rain for several days, but the storms broke just in time for their session and we got some beautiful, sunny winter weather.

      Most people wait for warmer weather for their engagement photos, but I love shooting in winter. You might not get the greenery you would in spring or summer, but the short days and position of the sun create bright, golden light unlike any other time of year. You can’t beat it.

      I met Hannah and Julien in Southside at this double-decker bus they wanted photos with. We took some cute, casual photos there before moving on to a nearby industrial building. Hannah changed into a stunning white jumpsuit, and Julien put on a classic suit with a funky floral tie. They both did a great job of choosing complementary outfits that showed their personality!

      We wandered the block for a while, and then we headed to the Sculpture Fields for the second half of the shoot.


      The Sculpture Fields at Montague Park is not only a great engagement photo spot, but it’s an interesting piece of Chattanooga’s history. In 1911, the original owner donated the land to the city, but it was unfortunately turned into a construction dump in the 1940s. Over the years, it lived a dozen lives – as a kite competition space, a motocross venue, and a softball field – but was shut down in 2003 because the land was deemed unsafe. Then, in 2006, a world-renowned sculptor made it his mission to turn the land into a public sculpture park, and the rest is history!

      Now, the Sculpture Fields are one of my favorite photo destinations for couples and families. The huge, open fields of tall grass create this sense of being out in nature, even in downtown Chattanooga. The hard lines of the sculptures play off the organic shapes of Lookout Mountain in the distance. And when the sun sets behind the mountain? The light is enough to make me swoon!

      Hannah and Julien got to lounge in the tall grass, pose against the sculptures, and just enjoy the winter day together as the sun set over the city. I just love the way these images turned out!



      If you’re nervous about your engagement photos, you’re not alone. Nearly every couple I work with tells me they’re uncomfortable in front of the camera. And why wouldn’t they be? Most people haven’t had their photos taken since high school picture day. (Not a great memory, if you ask me…)

      That’s why I always help my engaged couples plan their engagement session like it’s a date night. Pick a place or vibe you love – a park you visit all the time, a hiking trail you enjoy, your favorite bar, or even your corner bar. Then, let’s have fun! Grab drinks, pack a picnic, take a dip in the river, or whatever you like. As long as you’re having fun, your photos will turn out great.

      I always take my time getting to know my engaged couples and helping you feel comfortable in front of the camera. By the time your wedding rolls around, we’ll be fast friends and your photos will feel like a respite from the day’s craziness.



      After a long day of shooting, who wouldn’t want a slice of ‘za? In true Jaime fashion, I asked Hannah and Julien if they’d be down to grab a slice as we were wrapping up. We popped over to a nearby pizza place with this insane cheese mural on the side, ordered a pie and some cokes, and took a few final photos in the parking lot. It was such a goofy way to wrap up the shoot, and I’m so glad I got to share the moment with this awesome couple.



      You’ve come to the right photographer! I have over ten years of experience shooting people who don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera. I guarantee that with some quality time, a fun activity, and maybe a little liquid courage, you’ll be relaxed and giggly for your engagement session.

      If you’re looking for engagement photos in the Sculpture Fields (or anywhere else in Chattanooga), I’m your gal! Head over to my contact page, shoot me a message, and let’s plan a fun, carefree engagement session for you and your honey.

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