How did you guys meet?

      “We met at a concert. Dani was ineffectively trying to whistle at the end of a song when she noticed some guy giving her the thumbs down from across the room. That guy was Marc. When Dani approached him to ask if he could do any better, he fumbled. (It should be noted that Marc’s actually pretty good at whistling.) We ended up paying more attention to each other than the band all night. (Sorry, Album Leaf!) We went on their first real date soon after, and the rest is history!”

      I am not sure many people can say they found the love of their life by booing them from across the room! HAHA! I love these two so much! FUN FACT: Marc was actually my junior prom date! We hung out in the same crowd and when prom came around I asked him to go with me just as friends. Many many many moons later it was a total honor to travel up to Chicago to shoot his and Dani’s wedding!

      The whole day was so laid back and fun! After their first look over the river we all hopped in a limo and headed to China town. We we were initially making their schedule they wanted to block two hours to go to China town to get boba… and well, I wasn’t going to say no! HAHA! These guys really had their priorities straight. Then we headed to Carnival! A Latin restaurant in Chicago’s West Loop with the most insane decor. Every direction I turned made for great photos and I am still dreaming of the food. It was next level.

      Dani was queen of the dance floor and basically treated it as a kareoke contest all night! She had my full support. I love these two so much! The night ended with everyone walking to a little after party at a near by bar. Where we recreated a photo of Marc and his college friends that had been taken many many times in different settings!

      Venue- Carnivale 

      Florals- Steve’s Flower Market

      Dress- Jenny Yoo

      Suit- Black Tux

      Hair- Noel Jubeh with So Beautiful Bridal

      Makeup- Suzana Roman with So Beautiful Bridal 

      DJ- DJ Chicago

      Cake- Sweet Mandy B’s